Carol Unger, 1931 - 2003

In the spring of 2003 my mother, Carol Unger, died. I've created these web pages to tell the story of her life, death, and the memorial service.

I've created these pages to preserve these memories for my self. Make them available to people who knew Carol.

As we were sorting through her belongings I found myself hungry for anything that would tell me who she was when she was younger. Photos, books she read. I really wanted to find a journal that would tell me her private thoughts, who she was on the inside. She never kept one. If she had she would probably feel it was too private for others to read. I feel the same about journals containing my private thoughts. I'm afraid that people may judge me. But somehow I feel that I'm beyond that with my mother, accept her, and am curious about her inner thoughts.


Carol and Jacquie
at 1st communion

Young Adult

Carol at Grosse Ile


At Museum with Tom


Sailing the Grey Gull

Last Years

Carol at Salish Lodge


Us at Memorial