In the summer of 2003 I went to Alaska to paddle the Sheenjek River. I was fascinated by all the airplanes. When I got back I bought myself a copy of Microsoft Flight simulator to play with. Along the way I started thinking about how much fun it would be to explore the Utah back country by airplane. This was just too appealing to miss, so in the Fall of 2003, I started taking flying lessons. In May of 2004 I got my private pilot license. Through the summer of 2004 I worked on landing tailwheel airplanes with George Kirkish. In February of 2005 I bought a half share of a Maule M7-235 from Richard Lintermans.

In January of 2010 took my last fight and then sol d my share to my remaining partner Rhys. I had a great flying careere and did most of what I hoped to. The reward of another flight was not as high as when I started but the cost was higher so I decided it was time to sell my share of the airplane. Rhys bought me out and continued as sole owner. I thought I would rent but that has never worked out. It seems my flying careere is over.

On the beach at Copalis with the Maule.

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