Trip Journals

Here are several journals, including photos, of past trips. Click on each photo for a larger view.

Noatak River Trip June, 1996 A three-week canoe trip down the Noatak River, Alaska.
Robber's Roost Canyon March, 1997 A week-long trip in the Dirty Devil, Larry's, and Robber's Roost Canyons, Utah.
Sierras/Palisades September, 1998 Climbing in the Palisades and back country traverse in the Yosemite high country, California.
Escalante exploration March, 1998 A week-long trip in the Escalante and canyons to the east, Utah.
Hakai Kayak Trip June, 1999 Three weeks of kayaking in the Hakai Recreation Area of British Columbia's central coast, Canada.
Glacier Peak Traverse August, 1999 A week-long trip from Lime Ridge, over the summit of Glacier Peak via the Chocolate Glacier, then south to Clark Mountain, Washington.
Clark Mountain Extravaganza July, 2000 A four-day trip including a climb of Clark Mountain and a visit to the Napequa Valley, California.
Sierras/High Divide September, 2000 A ten-day traverse along the High Divide of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, California.
Shoulder Surgery

November, 1993 and
October, 2000

Shoulder operations to repair damage from multiple dislocations. I brought my camera to surgery - here are the pictures and a description of the procedure.
Escalante and Steven's Canyon March, 2001 A nine-day trip through the Escalante, Steven's, and other canyons in between, Utah.
Busby Islands and beyond August, 2001 Kayaking the west coast of Vancouver Island from Esperanza Inlet to the Brooks Peninsula, including two nights in the famous Bunsby Islands, British Columbia, Canada.
Mono Recess, Sierras October, 2001 Eight days exploring the valleys and ridges around the Mono Recess, California.
Sheenjek River, Alaska August, 2003 Seventeen days paddling the Sheenjek River in northeast Alaska.
Northern Yosemite, Sierras October, 2004 Eight days in the sub-alpine region along the northern Yosemite border, California.
Flying Utah April, 2005 Two weeks of flying and hiking in Utah. My first long cross country trip by airplane.
Beartooth and Sierras Fall, 2006 Two fall hikes in the mountains: the Beartooth Mountains of Montana and the Emigrant Wilderness of the Sierra.
Flying Journals 2005 on All flying journals...
Cape Caution August, 2008 Paddling the Canadian central coast north of Vancouver Island.
Flying and hiking Utah April, 2008 A gallery of flying to, flying around, and canyeering in southern Utah.
Emigrant Wilderness, Sierras September, 2008 A week long cross country ramble in the Emigrant Wilderness, north of Yosemite.

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