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I am just starting on this new section about food...

Mike and Steve cooking a neighbor dinner.

Neighbor Dinners

A while ago our neighbor Mike noticed that on Mondays all the guys were home on Mondays and we should get together and cook dinner for the women. Our first one was in January of 2001. We have held them every 6 weeks or so ever since. Here are the dates and menus of our dinners:


In the mid 90's, when cocktails were regaining popularity, I though I would try making some Whiskey Sours, which I remembered my Grandfather serving during summer family get-together's. The adults would sit on the large porch in the heat of Michigan summer, look over the Detroit River and drink Whiskey Sours. I never was offered any until one of the last get-together's.

So I went out and bought some Whiskey. When I opened the bottle the smell transported me back to those days on the porch. I remember this," I thought. This is hereditary.

Here's what I've learned about Whiskey.

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