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Skiing near Mt Baker, January 27-28

Some folks from last year's mentor group, Paul, Andrew, Marie, and I toured from the Mt Baker Ski area to the west end of Table Mtn and camped for the night. Saturday was clear and beautiful with surprisingly good snow. Sunday was overcast and windy. Much of the snow was wind packed, but we managed to find some good powder lower down on a ridge line.

Skiing near Lake Janus, February 17-18

On President's day weekend Paul, James, and I did a three day trip to the area around Lake Janus, near Steven's Pass. A fair amount of new snow had just fallen and breaking trail was an incredable amount of work. We didn't find a lot of good skiing, but it was beautiful to be out for 3 days.

The second day we toured to the ridge west of Lake janus. There were some promising looking slopes, but thick going, avalanch hazzard, and afternoon sun prevented us from finding much great skiing.

The third day started with fog and cleared by the afternoon. We packed camp and started heading out early. We took one unsatisfying run on the slopes above our camp. Latter Paul and I took another run on a steep west facing slope with challenging terrain. It was just what I needed to feel satisfied about the day.

My old Dana Teraplane backpack.

This pack went on many great trips with me but now it is suffering from mutiple failuers. Seams are pulling out, zippers don't work, the fabric has holes, the fabrick is wore out from being in the sun too long. It is not the pack it once was. Still, it is with some sadness and sense of loss that I part with the pack.

Mount Maude's Entiate Ice fall, July 14th.

Stuart North Ridge, July 24th, 2001

Marie on Observation Rock. (all photos by Jeff Street)

Marie and I try Del Campo

Intermediate climb of Liberty Bell

To help Marie graduate I lead a climb of Liberty Bell in late September. It was a beautiful fall day. I took a bunch of nice pictures. Unfortunately I later opened the camer with the film in it and exposed most of them.

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