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In 2001 we went to the west coast of Vancouver island to paddle from Esparanza inlet north to the Brooks Peninsula and back out via Kyuquot Sound. We planed this trip with Briggett and Joeseph, who we met on the Queen Charlot islands the summer before.

The trip started in Esparanza inlet. A storm was forcast to move through over the next couple days. We hoped to make it to a snug camp in the Nuchatlitz islands so that we would have some place interesting to sit out the storm.

After two days waiting for the weather to calm down we packed and moved north. We hoped to get around Tatchu point, but the sea was still quite high and padding in exposed waters left Bridgette seasick. We choose instead to camp in protected bays south of the point and try the next day.

Next morning was clear and beautiful. We had to cross some reefs to get into open water. There were breakers all along the reef except over one break in the reef. Not ever wave would break so we had to watch for a while to be sure that we had identified the break. Even then, I was a little uneasy paddling through.

But once through it was a glorious paddle. There was a moderate swell running in from the south west and a very gentle breese from the north. Reefs kept us off the shore for the whole day so it was a reliefe to finally come to our island camp.

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