Neighbor Dinner 11

Steve and Gina
June 9, 2002
Chinese, more or less

Scott, an old friend from college who I have not seen in years is visiting. I want him to see some of how I live here in Seattle so I ask the neighbors if we can do this dinner sooner and include Scott. So we schedule the dinner for 3 weeks after the last one.

After 10 dinners we have come full circle with the cuisine: we are cooking chinese food for a second time. Except I remember that Scott is a particular fan of blueberry cobbler and that a recent Cooks magazine had an article about blueberry cobbler so we plan cobbler for dinner. Here's the many as Mike wrote it out. Click on items to see their recipe:

Dinner Menu

I go over to Steve's at 2pm. Mike shows up soon after that and asks were we were at 1pm. I forgot that our original plan was to meet at 1. We are getting a late start. No worries, we'll be done when we are done.

Mike finishes the green papaya salad

Mike started working on the green papaya salad, Steve on the peanut sauce, and I on the dim sum. We don't get too far before the guests start arriving. Marie's the first and I give her the task of making some whiskey sours.

Scott shows up latter and I give him the camera. He proceeds to take a series of pictures of the floor:

But he also takes some nice pictures of us cooking

Meanwhile, the guests have arrived and are getting restless. I think that we may have told them we'll serve at 4 or 5. When we finally do it is well after 6.

This meal didn't come together as smoothly as some. But when we finally do serve all the food is excellent.


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