Flight - 08/2007 - Avlord Desert

For Marie's birthday on August 11th we joined up with a group of pilots from the Pacific Northwest Flying web site for a trip down to the Avlord desert in Oregon. This is a large dry lake bed which, in latter summer, becomes firm enough to drive cars and land airplanes on.

We departed Paine field early. Almost were blocked by an encroaching fog bank. This may be the first time that I've used special VFR. 10 minutes later and I think we would have had to wait hours for it to burn off.

flt_070811_avlord_4_sm.jpg This is a "bay" on the north end of the late. It tends to be dryer so this is where people gather.

There were about 21 planes lined up along the edge. The landing area, as it were was just out in front of us. The surface is dried mud. Some loose dust on top then very firm. I flew around the lake at a couple feet off, touching down here and there. Nearly all of it was similarly firm.

The lake is surrounded by these old mountain ranges. Very beautiful scenery


We are at 4000 ft elevation. Maps of dark sky regions so Eastern Oregon as the largest, darkest part of continental US. The stars were spectacular.




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