Escalante River and Side Canyons

March, 2001

Part 2: Down Coyote Gulch and Up Steven's Canyon

Day 2, 3/23/01

Down Coyote Gulch, up the Escalante, up Steven's

Gina's pack got really big over night.

Mostly the walking continued to be easy and the scenery beautiful.

The lower part of Coyote Gulch got a little rocky.

The approach to the confluence is spectacular. Walls of sandstone rise up on both sides and the river covers the bottom from wall to wall, though only a couple inches deep. Three years ago Marie got a beautiful picture of me here:

Escalante confluence, March 1998

And we try to duplicate it this year:

Gina and Steve approaching the confluence.

Gina and Steve in the steep walled section. The confluence proper is in the distance.

This is close in framing.

This is a little closer in lighting.

By any measure, it is a spectacular place.

We talk a break at the confluence then plunge in and walk up stream for a couple miles to Steven's Canyon. This stretch is much more difficult than I remember. Possibly, three years ago we were better able to get out and walk along the bank. Camera's were put away in case we fell in.

The clear water of Coyote Gulch mixing with the silt laden water of the Escalante.

A welcome change to dry shoes after walking in the water the past two days.

From there we walked up Steven's canyon.

The second step.

Poison ivy slope. I got Poison Ivy both times I did this hike. It may have come from this slope.


We find a nice slickrock camp:

Day 3, 3/24/01

On up Steven's to the "confluence".

From our camp it is a short distance to our camp of 3 years ago:

We camped on this boulder. Just up canyon is a impassible pourover.

To continue from here we exit the inner gorge via this interesting ramp.

Looking back down the ramp.

Walking on the rim.

At one point there is a rock slide. From the distance it looks like precarious, exposed walking.

There is actually a good, secure trail through the slide.

There is another pourover and you can drop down to the canyon floor on the top of the Wingate.

After doing all this exposed walking I noticed that one of my boots was untied and I stopped to tie it. Marie thought that was pretty funny so she took a picture.


The next section is sublime. It is one of the few places that I know where water flow free and clear across clean slickrock. We rushed through this area last time. This time I intend to camp here.



Pools on slickrock

I meant to be here yesterday evening and have a full day to explore. Still, I have half a day and use that to explore up one of Steven's side canyons. Afterwards I take a bath. I wash in one of the several clear flowing pools then dry off on the clean slickrock to the side. It is the best outdoor bath I've ever had.

This is the South Fork. I saw a fox up here.

Meanders carved into the sandstone. We are camped on the bench middle right.

Steve and Gina cooking dinner. The dern sun came out again.

Some fine slickrock camping.


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