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Marie and I took a trip up to Vancouver City over Thanksgiving weekend to do city things. I recntly bought a digital camera so I brought it a long and took pictures with it. These are all very large images, the original size as they come from the camera. I've not yet modified my gallery software to provide for original images, web images, and thumbnails. We then went to Science World, a science museum. Two exhibits were the most fun: a group of brain teaser puzzles and several dinosaur statues which you could move by levels and pulleys. We walked back through town, had lunch, then went to English Beach and Stanly Park.

Our third day we walked down to to the Aquarium in Stanly Park. One exhibit was a demo Salmon Stream. They built a short stream running from the Aquarium down to coal harbor.

Inside the Aquarium I was able to take pictures of many of the fish with available light.

We then walked through some of Stanly park and came to an exhibit of NW totem polls.

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