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This summer we planned to go to the artic but family obligations prohibited such a long and remote trip. So we planned to do a hike in the Cascades. But then we did a short hike and were reminded just how hot, dusty, and buggy the mountains are in the summer. So we went paddling in the Broken Group of Barkly Sound. This is a wildy popular destination and, going at the end of August, we were not disapointed by the crowds. But they don't detract much from the island scenery.

Getting started.

I have an underwater housing for my camera. For the first time I was able to take pictures of one of the main attractions of the coast: the marine life. The live colors are generally better than those in the photos. Also, I generally kept the housing on my camera and drops on the lens cover would cause bluring of the on-the-water shots.

Sea Stars.

Camp on Gibralter

Day 2: Gibralter to Clark Island.

The weather cleared and I got the idea to go all the way to Clark while the weather was good. Marie and Steve were up for it but Pete and Lacovia decided to make a shorter day by stoping on Turret island.

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